Soil and plant samples will typically require laboratory analyses. Using modern measurement techniques this should be the second most time consuming and expensive step in producing content and maintaining soil information systems after step 3.
  • Identify, cost and prioritize all soil properties needed to generate key products (step 1).
  • Select and document standard laboratory operating procedures (LSOP’s).
  • Specify which samples will be analyzed using conventional methods vs newer methods such as MIR, XRF and/or LDSPA. Power analyses are useful here again.
  • Describe and cost the necessary lab infrastructure and make it operational and sustainable.
  • Identify and implement options for data management, e.g. cloud-based vs local database solutions.
  • Ensure that databases are open standards compliant (e.g. OGC).
  • Archive all collected soil samples for future analyses.
Time: 3-6 months
Fixed cost for labs: 150-280k USD
Variable cost: 1- 4 USD per soil sample