Clearly identify the (geographical) region of interest in any country. Considerable time, effort and money can be wasted if the specific areas of interest are not clearly identified and agreed upon at the outset. From a statistical perspective the ROI is equivalent to the population about which analysts are trying to seek inference from data.
  • Identify a region of interest (ROI), e.g. “the bread-basket cropland area of Ghana”, or “the maize growing area of Tanzania” by consulting widely.
  • Use any data or tools (e.g., GeoSurvey) needed to assist in producing accurate maps of the ROI, with e.g. empirical crop distribution models or through other means.
  • Produce a map clearly delineating the ROI, and version this map regularly if it is likely to change.
Time: 1-3 month
Cost: 15-25k USD