This is possibly the most crucial step in planning for national-level soil and land resource information systems. There is no point to collecting data that no one will use for decision-making. Hence, initially identify key users and describe the specific products that are widely recognized as essential in helping make important land management decisions.
  • Develop a prioritized checklist of key users and the specific products that they request. This should be formalized in a use case document.
  • Provide worked examples of the main proposed products to allow users to visualize products. Use legacy data for this purpose, where possible and appropriate.
  • Work backwards from use case analyses to prioritize and timeline activities with requirements documents (detailed work plans).
  • Consider what level of training and capacity building is needed to produce and maintain the primary information system and its infrastructure.
  • Cost everything and decide if the thing you are producing is still a priority. Potential return on investment scenario/sensitivity analyses may be useful at stage.
Time: 1-2 months
Cost: 30-50k USD